This is a list of Golarion worshipped deities. 

More specific to the area is the Sandpoint page. 


Core Deities

Name Alignment Areas of Concern Domains Favored Weapon
 Abadar LN Cities, laws, merchants, wealth EarthLawNobilityProtectionTravel Light crossbow
 Asmodeus LE Contracts, pride, slavery, tyranny EvilFireLawMagicTrickery Mace
 Calistria CN Lust, revenge, trickery ChaosCharmKnowledgeLuckTrickery Whip
 Cayden Cailean CG Ale, bravery, freedom, wine ChaosCharmGoodStrengthTravel Rapier
 Desna CG Dreams, luck, stars, travelers ChaosGoodLiberationLuckTravel Starknife
 Erastil LG Family, farming, hunting, trade AnimalCommunityGoodLawPlant Longbow
 Gorum CN Battle, strength, weapons ChaosDestructionGloryStrengthWar Greatsword
 Gozreh N Nature, the sea, weather AirAnimalPlantWaterWeather Trident
Green Faith N Air, beast, earth, fire, water AirAnimalEarthFirePlant Druidic weapons
 Iomedae LG Honor, justice, rulership, valor GloryGoodLawSunWar Longsword
 Irori LN History, knowledge, self-perfection HealingKnowledgeLawRuneStrength Unarmed strike
 Lamashtu CE Madness, monsters, nightmares ChaosEvilMadnessStrengthTrickery Falchion
 Nethys N Magic DestructionKnowledgeMagicProtectionRune Quarterstaff
 Norgorber NE Greed, murder, poison, secrets CharmDeathEvilKnowledgeTrickery Short sword
 Pharasma N Birth, death, fate, prophecy DeathHealingKnowledgeReposeWater Dagger
 Rovagug CE Destruction, disaster, wrath ChaosDestructionEvilWarWeather Greataxe
 Sarenrae NG Healing, honesty, redemption, the sun FireGloryGoodHealingSun Scimitar
 Shelyn NG Art, beauty, love, music AirCharmGoodLuckProtection Glaive
 Torag LG Forges, protection, strategy ArtificeEarthGoodLawProtection Warhammer
 Urgathoa NE Disease, gluttony, undeath DeathEvilMagicStrengthWar Scythe
 Zon-Kuthon LE Darkness, envy, loss, pain DarknessDeathDestructionEvilLaw Spiked chain


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