The game will take place in Golarion, adapted to Dungeons & Dragons 5e rule set. More specifically, the game will begin in Varisia in the town of Sandpoint

Our game will take place in the distant future of the current setting and links provided above. Naturally, you would wonder how things have changed… and this is where our story will begin.

Many yeas ago, generations for most, events took place that came to be known as the Dawn of Grim Tides collectively. Collectively, in a sense that it wasn't a single or even concentrated event that anyone knows of that set the downward spiral in motion, but many. Globally, reports of catastrophic events were reported, or at least rumored, to have happened that resulted in unimaginable loss of life and destruction. Everything seemed to come to a boil in what is now referred to as the Night of Torn Skies, named quite literally. The tears opened Golarion to the many things from beyond, and while some where benevolent, the vast majority were the heralds of nightmares. 

When the world was at it's worst, a glimmer of light was offered to the people. There are equally as many origins as peoples, and no one is truly certain of where the inspiration came from; some say goodly angels, deities themselves, unearthed Thassalonian magic, but so far there isn't a well documented or supported origin. Still, the fact remains that someone or thing devised rituals most powerful to protect against the invasion happening across the lands.  Most unexpectedly, in Kaer Maga, a small city built of anarchy in the Storval Rise, an inspiration for much good and greatness was conceived and ultimately saved the chaotic little city from annihilation at the hands of mad giants and demons. 

It didn't take long for word to travel that a break through offered reprieve from the madness of the world as emissaries began reaching out to others offering protection. As mortals are often hallmarked for ruining the best of intentions, in some cases this became a tool for subjugation and enslavement and a weapon of control. A doomsday clock, or countdown to extinction came to be when Elves settled on when Golarion could no longer contain such evil, and life would end. This led to much panic among the shorter lived races, and released mortal vileness. Many peoples took to the plans, and unfortunately many did not or could not for various reasons. In some places wars too place, thieves and assassin were used to steal and kill for them, and the ugly side became clear to all..but in the end they worked.

Kaers, as they were coined, began to be constructed against the ever ticking clock of extinction that loomed closer by the day. All slightly different based on the needs and ways of the peoples, but all with ritual magic to completely separate the kaer from Golarion and its nightmare. One by one as the countdown to extinction neared, they were sealed.

Our story begins when yours has opened…


Ashes of Golarion DM_J0SH