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Years and years ago, I played in a campaign that I absolutely loved. Later I would equate it to feeling almost like an MMO (when those came to be) as we had a pool of players that didn't always attend, hugely impacted the world, and the story was very much focused on the players (my) whims. With the resurgence from West Marches and discussing it with various people, I've decided to attempt to recreate that enjoyment. 

So what does this mean to the game exactly? 

1) There was no regular time: not exactly. This is not to say we don’t have a scheduled time, place, and day- but that we don’t have a scheduled adventure. I will not be force feeding you a story, but telling you the story of your making.

2) There is no regular party: each game could potentially be different players drawn from a pool of interested people. Again, this isn’t a normal forced group that is being asked to work together. This will be a group that wants to work together.

3) There was no regular plot: The players decide where to go and what to do. This is a sandbox game in the sense that’s similar video games like Grand Theft Auto, Skyrim, Fall Out, and those of similar vein. There is no mysterious old man sending you on quests. No overarching plot, just an overarching environment.

I am recreating this, as I found in the past is completely was self-correcting and regulating regarding player apathy and mindless “plot following” by putting the players in charge of both scheduling and what they did in-game. It is often the case that trying to make players fit into a Adventure Path, extended module, or campaign is putting a round peg in a square hole.

A secondary goal was to make the schedule adapt to the complex lives of adults. Ad hoc scheduling and a flexible roster meant (ideally) people got to play when they could but didn’t hold up the game for everyone else if they couldn’t. If you can play once a week, that’s fine. If you can only play once a month, that’s fine too.

Game Information

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